Bramhall Area Thermal and Slope Soaring Society, known as BATS, was established in 1978 in the South Manchester area with the aim of enjoying and promoting silent radio control model flying. Thermal soaring, both pure gliders and electric powered models, and slope soaring are still the core activities of the club some 40 years on. However, we do have facilities for the growing interest in sport electric models; with some limitations on noise and size, as well as a venue for indoor radio control during the winter months. We do not have any facilities for the flying of internal combustion e.g glow plug and diesel powered aircraft or rotary wing craft e.g. helicopters and multi-rotors (Drones) at any of our flying fields.

Thermal and sport electric flying (fixed wing only) takes place at a local school playing field, with weekend afternoon access throughout the year. Weekly soaring competitions take place on Wednesday evenings during the lighter nights, covering both electric powered and non powered soarers.

The nearby area is blessed with some fine hills suitable for slope soaring, and the club has access
to many sites which together cater for most wind directions. Regular weekend and weekday flying
sessions are regularly arranged throughout the year, usually by email notice, based on local weather conditions.

The slope soaring covers all aspects from beginners through to large scale models, and we have facilities for instructing new members. Electric powered models can only be used on the slopes with the motor fully disabled. During the winter there are monthly club meetings with guest speakers, quizzes, and social evenings.

There is an informative monthly club Newsletter, BatChat, which has been in publication, non-stop, for over 40 years. This contains aero-modelling articles written by members, competition results, records of slope soaring meetings and dates of upcoming club events.

The current 2020 club subscription is £22 per year, plus the BMFA membership/insurance fee of £38, which can be paid through BATS if you are not already in the BMFA. You will also need to ensure that you comply with the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES) which requires you to pass a free online test, unless you already hold an exemption, and a £9 registration fee if you own any applicable models.

New members are supported and encouraged; with tuition available from club instructors for slope soaring and electric powered gliding using club-owned aircraft. Light weight rotary wing craft flying is also supported at our indoor flying meetings, which is the only venue where these aircraft are permitted.

Please feel free contact us using the contact form, and come along to one of our flying sessions or winter meetings.