Rules & Constitution



The following rules cover various practical aspects of the Society’s operations.

  1. Application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two members of at least two years standing, one of which shall be a current Committee member. Prospective members who are unable to provide a proposer and seconder will be admitted at the Committee’s discretion.


  1. Members should adhere at all times to the BMFA guidelines and safety codes for model flying as set out in the current BMFA Members’ Handbook. All members of BATS are personally required to ensure that they fly and operate their models in accordance with all applicable current UK legislation.


When 3 or more members fly at any BATS flying site, a “peg on” system of frequency allocation using “even” numbers will be used. Radio systems using the 2.4 GHz radio frequency are permitted and need not use a peg board but should conform to any limitations regarding the number of aircraft permitted to be flying at the same time


  1. At Seal Road, flying outside the field’s southern boundary, adjacent to the houses, is prohibited. If conditions dictate that gliders launching into wind will head toward the houses, bungees MUST be staked as far away from the southern boundary as possible.


  1. For safety reasons, all electric powered models should have rounded spinners or safety propeller nuts of the domed type fitted while gliders and pusher powered model aircraft noses should be rounded (no needle noses).


  1. Electric power assisted radio controlled gliders may be flown at Seal Rd. strictly in accordance with the limitations imposed by the Committee, which will allow the operation of models and equipment used for the BMFA Open and eSoaring classes. All such gliders must conform to the following regulations.
  2. a) Any electric motors may be used. Internal combustion engines are NOT permitted.
    b) The energy source must not be more than nine nickel cadmium cells or 3-cell Li-Po or equivalent.
    c) Flying conduct will be with the intention of duration flying.
    d) Fast F5 types; hotliners, pylon racers etc. are not permitted.
    e) It must be possible to switch off the motor from the transmitter. Fail-Safes (if available on the radio system) should be set.


  1. The use of power winches to launch model aircraft is forbidden at Seal Road.


  1. Free flight electric and CO2 powered models, not exceeding 4 ounces (114 grams), may be flown at Seal Road. Rubber powered models and radio-controlled gliders are unrestricted.


8.Park-Fly and Electric Sport flying models are permitted at Seal Road. They should be flown in accordance with all applicable BATS Flying Rules and with due regard for fellow users of the field. It is acceptable for Electric Sport flying to be carried out alongside our Thermal and eSoaring gliding activities. However, when glider competitions are taking place, their use of the field will take priority with regard to the site of the pits, landing circles etc as they are bound by prevailing wind direction. In addition the following rules, 9 to 16, apply to Park Fly and Electric Sport Flying:


  1. Permitted models are electric with up to 4-cell Li-Po or 9-cell ni-cad, with up to 56” wingspan and of lightweight construction.    


  1. All flying of Park Fly and sport electric models shall take place in the designated area.


  1. The current BMFA guidelines should be adhered to with regard to standard practice; flight-line, pits area, peg-board if more than three pilots on 27meg or 35meg etc.


  1. Noisy models are not allowed. Models being flown in the park fly zone should be no louder than any ambient sound at the southern boundary of the field, adjacent to the houses.


  1. Our Club site is available for fixed-wing aircraft only. The flying of Rotary winged aircraft such as Helicopters, Autogyros and Multirotors are not permitted.


  1. No more than five sport models airborne at any one time.


  1. No overflying of the pits area. No low flying unless on landing approach and no high speed “beat-ups”.


  1. Aerobatics are to be performed at a safe height and not over the pilot area, pit area and landing area.


  1. Pilots should only fly models which are within their individual capability and in a manner which does not cause concern to other club-members or to other users of the field. Any model flown must be capable of operating and landing within the confines of the designated area. Any Committee Member present at the flying sessions will have the final decision over whether or not a particular model is suitable for Seal Road. All flying sessions will run according to the discretion of the members present on the day. If a pilot is causing concern for other pilots, he/she will be asked to moderate their flying or to cease flying.


  1. The main aim is for safe, sensible use of the field and pleasure for all. Additionally, common sense must prevail!


  1. Under the terms of the rental agreement, the field at Seal Road is available for use by members during the times shown below and at other times at members’ discretion.

Wednesdays: 6.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Thursdays: 6.30pm to 9.00pm, from 1st April to 31st August.
Saturdays: 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Sundays: 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
At other times, outside of school hours, and subject to the field being available.


  1. Members MUST observe the NO FLY dates at BATS licensed slope sites:
    Currently; Pym Chair (Licensed to us as Withinleach Moor); NO FLYING 1st April to 31st July
    Reed Hill; NO FLYING from 1st April to 1st June. 


These are the Flying Rules for BATS as ratified by the Committee Thursday 9th January 2020.




1. Name
The Society shall be known as Bramhall Area Thermal and Slope Soaring Society, hereinafter referred to as “BATS”.
2. Objectives
The objectives of BATS shall be to encourage all aspects of radio controlled soaring and electric flight in the South Lancashire/North Cheshire area by obtaining and maintaining flying facilities, organised meetings, competitions and social activities and all other means considered appropriate by the Executive Committee.
3. Membership
Membership shall be open to any person interested in radio controlled soaring and electric flight.Those over 18 years of age on the 1st January of the year of membership are senior members, those younger than this are juniors, but have full membership status. For purposes of administration a membership limit may be imposed as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee but any such limit will be subject to ratification by the next AGM of BATS.Members who join the society will pay a subscription as decided at the AGM
1. BMFA Element: Nil if a current BMFA member otherwise as stipulated by the BMFA.

2. BATS Element: As laid down in article 11.
Membership Cards will be issued as proof of current membership. All members of the Society are required to be members of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) in order to comply with the terms of the Society’s affiliation to the BMFA. BATS will accept non-flying enthusiasts as Associate Members without the requirement for third party flying insurance.

Junior members and vulnerable adults must be accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian or carer whilst visiting the flying sites and club facilities. This is to comply with the Child Protection Act. Any person having concerns about the safety of any junior members or vulnerable adults should contact the club Welfare Officer.

A junior member is defined as a person less than 18 years of age. A vulnerable adult is defined as a person 18 years of age, or over, whom through mental or physical attributes, requires a higher level of supervision than would be normally commensurate with an adult member.

4. Register of Members
The Membership Secretary and Honorary Secretary shall each maintain an up to date register of Members

5. Executive Committee
This shall consist of : A Chairman, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, a Newsletter Editor, a Competition Secretary (Slope), a Competition Secretary (Thermal), a Membership and Welfare Officer and an Equipment and Safety Officer. Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the organisation and administration of BATS.

All members of the Executive Committee shall hold office for one year and then be eligible for re-election.

The Honorary Secretary shall maintain a record of all the proceedings of BATS.

The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of BATS and shall present an audited statement of the funds to each Annual General Meeting. An account shall be established in the name of BATS at a recognised bank. The Executive Committee shall choose four of its members to be signatories and all cheques must be signed by two of these.

6. Election of the Committee

The Officers of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of BATS. Persons standing for election must have confirmed that they are prepared to serve if elected and must be proposed and seconded by two other paid up members of BATS. In the event of insufficient nominations being received, the Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt any eligible member who is prepared to serve. Co-opted members have full voting rights.

7. Annual General Meeting
The A.G.M. of BATS shall be held in November of each year. Notice of the A.G.M. shall be sent to members not less than 21 days before the date fixed. Resolutions to be included in the Agenda of the A.G.M. must be proposed and seconded by BATS members and must reach the Honorary Secretary by at least 28 days before the date of the A.G.M.

The business to be transacted at the A.G.M. shall be:-
(a) Minutes of the previous AGM
(b) Matters arising
(c) To receive a written Annual Report from each member of the Executive Committee
(d) To review an audited statement of the funds of BATS
(e) To hold elections
(f) To set the annual subscriptions for the ensuing year.
(g) To appoint auditors for the ensuing year
(h) To vote on resolutions listed on the Agenda

8. Extraordinary General Meeting
By resolution of the Committee or upon request in writing, signed by no fewer than five members of BATS, the Honorary Secretary shall convene an E.G.M. Notice of the E.G.M. shall be sent to members not less than 21 days before the date fixed. The notice shall state the purpose of the meeting and contain the resolution(s) to be debated. No other resolutions may be discussed.

9. Quorum
No business shall be conducted at any General Meeting of BATS unless at least 20% of the paid up members are present.

10. Voting
Only such members of BATS as are present at meetings shall be entitled to vote. Postal and proxy voting is not permitted.

11. Subscriptions
The amount of the annual subscription shall be fixed each year by the AGM.  The BMFA membership will form part of the annual subscription for flying members and be remitted by the Society to the BMFA, unless evidence is provided of BMFA membership by other means.

Subscriptions unpaid after the 31st December shall indicate that the defaulting members have ceased to be members of BATS.

Members who join BATS part way through the society’s year will pay a subscription as follows:-

Any new member joining after 1st July will pay a reduced membership for the remainder of the year to 31st December. Any new member joining after 1st October will get membership of BATS for up to 15 months to 31st December the following year.

12. Newsletter
The BATS Newsletter shall be published to every member of BATS (except where two or more members occupy the same address, when one copy only will be published). Normally the Newsletter will be published monthly.
13. Dissolution of BATS
In the event of BATS ceasing to exist, an E.G.M. of remaining paid up members will be called and will decide the treatment of any moneys remaining in the account, which may be either :-

(a) Donated to a Registered Charity.

(b) Donated to a fund or organisation concerned with the furtherance of the objectives of BATS.

(c) Placed into trust with the BMFA until such time that the club may be re-constituted.

Such decision shall be made by simple majority vote. Any Club assets shall be sold and the proceeds treated as part of the funds for this purpose. 

This is the Constitution of BATS as ratified by E.G.M. on Thursday 5th January 2012.